Behavior Specialist

Thornton, CO
United States

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Job Description

Supported by | Reports to: Regional Manager, or Regional Director, or Clinic Director

Location: Thornton, CO (and surrounding areas)

Status: Full Time Salary Exempt

The Behavior Specialist position is a hybrid position for candidates who have earned their Master’s Degree in Behavior Analysis but are awaiting their BCBA certification. Behavior Specialists will manage a small caseload of clients under the supervision of a BCBA while building up their skills for clinical oversight. All remaining job duties will be administered under the RBT job description below. The Behavior Specialist reports directly to the Regional Manager, or Regional Director, or Clinic Director and is responsible for assisting with the management of their assigned location. This role will also support staff to create a positive, safe and effective workplace environment. This position must possess strong communication skills with the ability to engage staff at all levels of the organization and contribute to continuous organizational growth and development. The business duties of a Behavior Specialist may include answering visitors' enquiries about a company and its products or services, directing visitors to their destinations, sorting and handing out mail, answering incoming calls, setting appointments, greet vendors, customers, job applicants and other visitors when needed. Maintain employee and department directories. Maintain security by following procedures safety and HIPAA. Requires a high school diploma or its equivalent with 1-2 years of experience in the Behavioral Health Service field. Has knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices and procedures within a particular Behavioral Health field. Rely on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job. Work under immediate supervision. Possess excellent communication and multitasking skills, a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.

Skills and Proficiencies:
• Customer Service
• Overachieving Attitude
• Work Ethic
• Verbal and Written Communication
• Friendly
• Adaptable
• Patience
• Problem Solving Skills
• Accuracy and Attention to Detail
• Integrity
• Interpersonal Skills
• Telephone Skills
• Microsoft Office Skills
• Listening
• Professionalism
• Customer Focus
• Organization
• Handle Pressure
• Supply Management

● Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
● At least 1-2 years ABA experience (preferably within BPI)
● Ability to drive to meetings and service sites.
● CPR certification
● Behavior Specialist Experience, RBT Certified

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS | Case Management Responsibilities:

• Provide Supervision & Programming for a caseload of clients.
• Provide 1:1 therapy and RBT duties as assigned. See RBT job description below.
• Commit to and follow a weekly schedule with each assigned family.
• Facilitate a warm, welcoming environment by:
1. greeting everyone that enters the clinic
2. introducing new staff to everyone
3. ensuring when admin team/management is at the clinic, they are introducing new staff and highlighting client successes
• Schedule and run monthly drills with evening staff, with references in the emergency binder
• Coordinate with Clinic Manager on Manager schedule, or as clinic scheduling needs.
• Maintain clinic property and equipment, troubleshoot common problems with devices, internet and printer.
• Coordinate with Clinic Manager as needed for new or uncommon problems that fall outside the scope of budget or currently approved vendors.
• Communicate regularly with the Clinic Manager on supplies needed for the clinic.
• Ensure clinic is sanitized regularly according to schedule

Support of Staff
• Provide support to RBT’s to promote job satisfaction & engagement
• Provide regular check ins throughout the day with staff to ensure well-being
• Ensure staff are collecting data and remaining engaged with clients
• Set up a schedule (visible to staff) to maintain coverage
• Maintain a list of indirect tasks for RBT’s to complete when cancellations occur
• Provide timely content feedback to RBT’s with regards to site specific policies and procedures, report patterns to RBT Manager.

Support of Learners and Apple Programming
• Establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment
• Flexibility to cover sessions or substitute in another clinic, if needed
• Perform RBT duties 1:1 with clients as assigned
• Collaborate with BCBA’s and be fully trained ongoing on individual social/small group objectives per student
• Manage daily classroom schedule and activities for students
• Conduct all small and large group activities, unless occupied with client then delegate to another colleague
• Collaborate with the Lead Clinic Manager to ensure lesson plan program relates to medical necessity
• When assigned, lesson plan according to agree upon template, collaboratively across clinics
• Maintain that lesson plans are held to BPI specified behavior language assessments
• Ensure all PHI is stored in compliance with HIPAA regulations and strictly viewed and handled only in a HIPAA compliant work environment

• Represent all BPI policies, procedures, staff and decisions in a positive light.
• Maintain a positive, problem solving and supportive mindset
• Communicate openly and directly with management regarding concerns or ideas
• Adhere to and promote professional standards of conduct per ethical guidelines
• Participate in ongoing training as assigned.

• Participate in meetings as assigned by Lead Clinic Manager (Team meetings and 1:1)
• Conduct monthly touch bases with RBT manager and all clinical staff (via Zoom or in person)
• Assist when assigned in Facebook Lives and lifestyle posts
• Participate in marketing events when requested, and appropriate for Apple advertisement
• Complete other administrative projects as assigned in a timely fashion

• Attend weekly meetings with your PC supervisor, providing ongoing progress reporting through data analysis and discuss any program changes (based on assessment and/or observations and notes)
• Attend professional development conferences related to the field of autism and/or behavior analysis.
• Must have ability to drive to meetings and client service sites.
• Must have the ability of lifting of fifty (50) pounds or less.
• Must have ability to work in various positions and perform various tasks such as running, jumping, crawling, stooping, etc.
• Provide direct services to assigned clients by implementing all programs developed and/or approved by Case Manager and/or BCBA.
• Collect and graph all electronic data during each session and keep an accurate summary (reported in session summary) as agreed upon by the program.
• Prepare organized materials for programs based on specifications given by BCBA or Case Manager including:
a. graph daily data
b. complete session summary and convert appointment before leaving each session.
c. prepare materials for the next session
d. clean up after each session (client may help if appropriate)
• Participate in all training (in and out of session); implement strategies that were taught
• Effectively communicate any questions or concerns in a timely fashion
• Notify BCBA/Behavior Specialist if client is not making adequate progress in a timely fashion
• Attend all scheduled team meetings (with or without parent(s), and/or school team), providing observations and input about clients and programs.
• Commit to and follow a weekly schedule with each assigned family.
• Notify Behavior Specialist or BCBA immediately following the session if an incident report needs to be filled out or if any new behavior was observed during the session.
• Maintain availability in Central Reach. Communicate any changes in availability to Schedule Master.
• Commit to at least six (6) months of service for each client on their caseload.
• Perform clinical or administrative duties as assigned including but not limited to:
1. Cleaning, organizing or sanitizing items at the clinic
2. Basic scanning, copying, data entry, answering phones and various admin projects
3. Covering RBT duties for other clients when asked due to breaks of staff cancellations
4. Online training modules & webinars
• Due to the nature of the position, schedules and hours may vary.
• Uphold and comply with BPI Mission, Vision, and Values, and company policies and procedures

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